START in Schools

START in Schools is a combination of Tropicana’s YouthSTART and Defy Your Label programs. YouthSTART addresses root causes of young peoples’ aggression and helps them improve their social and communication skills so that they can build and maintain healthy relationships. It also aids with decision making and leadership skills.

The Defy Your Label program is designed to support the growth of girls (8 – 13 years) by inspiring and encouraging them to defy the negative labels, stereotypes and expectations placed on them and promote healthy self-esteem and self-respect. The main components of the program are self-identity, resiliency, conflict resolution, cultural education, social skills, active and healthy living, homework help and experiential learning.

The START in Schools program uses elements from both programs to address issues that have been identified by the teachers and principals in the schools. These issues include bullying, social skills, leadership skills, self-esteem and respect.

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