Tutoring Program

Tutoring Grades 1 – 12

Saturdays 10:00am – 1:00pm

Term 1

September 15/18 – November 24/18


Term 2

December 1/18 – February 23/19


Term 3

March 2/19 – May 18/19


Or save $75.00 and get all three terms for $225.

All age groups are taught a curriculum centered on math and language arts. Classes are kept small to ensure that each child receives the individual attention he/she requires. Tutors are a combination of college/university students and professionals (including retired teachers).

Tropicana’s Increase Your Success tutoring programs offers children and youth the opportunity to:

• Focus on the building blocks of education, math and language arts
• Develop leadership and academic skills
• Build and reinforce positive self-esteem and self-confidence
• Learn effective study techniques and time management

Registration Form: CLICK HERE

For more information, please call 416.439.9009 or info@tropicanacommunity.org.